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A Last Will & Testament is an essential estate planning tool, even if you have a trust or other advanced plan. A well-crafted will expresses your last wishes, including your instructions for your estate, should be distributed and divided, and who will be in charge (Executor). A will provides certainty about your wishes, hopes, fears, and values. Without one, your family could be headed for conflict and confusion. A valid, well-crafted will ensures clarity and assists in conflict avoidance.

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate. Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of the estate and to maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries that may suffer an incapacity.

Attorney Zanita A. Zacks-Gabriel is highly skilled in all matters of estate planning, including drafting wills, both simple and complex, drafting trust agreements, both inter vivos and testamentary, as well as other estate planning documents in order to ensure that your family and your assets are protected.