Mother and father holding and kissing their baby.ADOPTION

Adopting a baby or child can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. There are thousands of babies, children, and adolescents in the United States and around the world who need a family.

There are two types of adoptions: open and closed. With open adoption, the birth mother, and possibly the birth father, know something about the adoptive parents. They might even meet and exchange names or addresses. In a closed adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents do not meet each other or know each others’ names.

Federal and state laws that apply to adoption require certain steps to be followed prior to the finalization of an adoption. It is important to have a qualified adoption lawyer to represent you in the adoption process. Zanita A. Zacks-Gabriel is highly skilled in all areas of adoption law and can assist you in avoiding any adoption complications.

The following are some common adoption terms:

  • Adoption Agency
  • Open Adoption
  • Closed Adoption
  • Guardian Ad Litem
  • Foster Care
  • Adoptive Parents
  • Birth Parents

Whether you are contemplating an open, domestic adoption, or a co-parent adoption of a spouse or partner’s child, Zanita A. Zacks-Gabriel will provide you the counsel required to navigate this complex path.